How do I use your artwork templates?

Let's walk through how you can utilize our templates to ensure your items are decorated exactly how you want!

Our templates were designed to be an easy guide when creating your art on Adobe Illustrator. If you are familiar with Adobe you are able to upload the template directly onto an artboard. Once you have formatted your design, remove the guidelines and save the file.

When you are using Adobe, make sure you are exporting the artwork with the artboard. This is a box you are able to check when saving the file. 

If you do not have Adobe Illustrator- don't worry. The templates can still be used as guidelines. Depending on the item you are creating, the template will call out the safe print area, bleed area, artwork size, and resolution. 

When setting up your art, ensure the file is set to the artwork size of the item and everything you want to be decorated is within the safe print area. The resolution will be listed on the template. 

Safe print area: The part of your design that is guaranteed. 

Bleed area: The part of your design that might be cut off during production. 

Artwork size: The size your file must be, which will most likely include bleed space. 

Resolution: The DPI (dots per inch) is the resolution of the file.

The higher the DPI the clearer the print will be. We highly recommend creating art that is at least 300dpi.  


Did you know that not all items require a template? With Screenprint and Direct to Garment, you will select the size and placement of your design when adding a garment to your cart. However, you should not disregard those templates. They are still a great resource to show the available decoration area! Need to learn more? Check out our guides for submitting Screenprint and/or Direct to Garment (DTG) orders.

You also do not need a template for mugs with the exception of a wraparound design. Similar to Screenprint and DTG, you will select the size of your design on the right and/or left side of the mug. Check out our guide for mug ordering here


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