What are the artwork requirements for embroidery?

We require .dst files for all embroidery orders. Don't have one? No problem. Here's a quick guide to get your files digitized.


If you do not have a .dst file, you'll need to have your file digitized. We offer this service. This step will have to be completed before entering your order. 

Please allow 24-48 hours for digitized files to be returned.

To digitize a file:

  1. Navigate to Designs > Artwork Conversions.
  2. Upload the file you would like us to digitize.
  3. Next, you'll select the thread color count, material, and desired width.

  4. Name your file and Digitize artwork

Once complete, we'll return the digitized file to your Design Library. You can now access the new file while placing your order.

If your design is outside the printable area for a specific garment. The text for the garments excluded will be red (as pictured above). 

TIP: It is a best practice to digitize files for specific materials. If you want to customize several different materials, you should submit separate digitizing orders, even if the design is going to be the same width. Simply repeat the process for each material you'd like to embroider.