Why was my digitizing request rejected?

You have requested a file be digitized for embroidery, but received a notice that your request has been rejected - what does that mean and how can you fix it?

To ensure the highest quality sewout, your requested design may be rejected in the digitizing process. The most common rejection is due to small font. This means that the design you have uploaded is unable to be digitized as is without losing the details requested. Proceeding with the request would result in the words being illegible once sewn out. 

We require the font to be at least 4.5mm tall. If you receive a rejection due to small font, you will need to re-request the digitizing at a larger size. If the increase in size is outside the parameters for the item you are requesting the file for, you will need to alter your file. 

Having trouble requesting a logo that includes a phrase or slogan? Try separating and submitting the order with two embroidery locations. For example, when ordering a hat, place the logo on the front and the slogan on the side!

If you are still seeing a rejection, try using a thinner font. 


Another common rejection is due to small details or too many details. Maybe your design does not have words, but it does have smaller lines, dots, etc. that cannot be duplicated within the design at the size requested. Similar to small fonts, to correct this issue you will need to re-request the digitizing at a larger size. 

Review any negative space in your design and consider altering your art to reflect thread in those locations that you can match the color to the item you are embroidering on. 


Lastly, you may see a rejection due to gradience - this is in reference to shading within your design. At this time our digitizing service is unable to accommodate these requests. You will need to flatten your art and re-request digitizing. 


Are you still having trouble? Reach out to support@scalablepress.com.